Travel Plan Sicily in August 2017

Travel Plan Sicily in August 2017

I am going to Italy to visit the island Sicily! It is fix now!

Starting on August 2017 01st I will visit the Italian island Sicily. I am planning to visit the south-east of the island.

If you want to follow me during my tour you can follow my Instagram account. I will post photos during my tour and of course a travel report on this website later!

My first plan was to fly to Catania and stay 11 nights in a hotel in Taormina to relax, but after I noticed I need a rental car for the transfer and some driving around I decided to rent the car for 12 days and to plan a more or less relaxed rental-car tour.

Sicily Travel BooksWhich destinations shall I visit?

First I booked the flight (I like to use Skyscanner to find good prices!) and optioned an hotel in Taormina and a rental car, just to be on the safe side. Then I visited the lending library and carried a ton of travel guides home.

I need holidays and I don’t want to sit the most time in my rental car. I need some free time on the beach and I want to see some culture – baroque architecture and „dead stones“ 😉 – my expression for the old sights of e.g. Roman and Greece cultures.

Of course the travel guides of the lending library are not up to date, but for first tour decisions it should work. I startet with a rough tour trip planning. Visiting Piazza Armerina, Agrigent, Scala del Turchi, Syrakus and Taormina.

Traveling alone – crime warnings for Sicily

I am traveling alone and I decided not to visit the bigger cities due to the warnings concerning more criminal incidents in cities – pickpocketing and auto theft or rather attacks by motorcyclists at traffic lights. One stops in front of your car and a second opens your door, if it is not closed from inside and pickpockets your bag or jacket from the seat behind or the co-driver’s seat. All hotels I booked I found on On the desktop page there was the possibility to search for hotels especially for people traveling alone. The hotels are mostly situated near central tourist places with restaurants.

What is important to rent a car?

I am not the person who books the cheapest car ignoring who offers the rental car, especially in Sicily. Driving in Sicily might not be such a horrible experience than in India, but the Italian drivers are known for lets say „special kind of driving attitude“. The most important thing for me is that the rental car is fully insured. I don’t want to think about what happens if I have an accident, somebody makes a scratch in the door or if it gets stolen. All of these scenarios I had in my past travel experiences and it is sometimes very frustrating to end a holiday by discussing with a rental car sales person if the scratch was there before or not.

How to get a good rental car offer?

After checking the cheaper offers just to get a feeling for the wide range of products and contractors, by using and, I decided again to use the ADAC offer (german automobile association), having everything included. No offer that if something happens the costs will be refunded by a special insurance after the tour. You definitely should be careful with such insurances. You often have more discussions after your holidays getting your money back.

I can crash the car and I don’t have any problems, if I was not drunk or ignored the laws somehow. For me traveling alone the smallest size – Opel Adam or similar – is enough!

Planning the detailed tour – which travel guide is useful?

After some reeding in the travel guides of the lending library I decided to buy one for using it during the tour. I bought the travel Guide Sizilien/MĂŒller Verlag and the ADAC Guide Sizilien which includes a good analog 😉 map. For english speaking people I would recommend the Sicily guide of Lonely Planet. For planning my tour I also used of course Google, Google Earth and Google Maps to sea what I have to expect and to plan my driving routes.

I decided to drive not more that 2-3 hours per day and after some changes my tour plan will be the following:

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